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What can we provide for you?

In these pages you can see descriptions and some examples of the transformations we can build for you

The original stairways of your home will have been designed and fitted as a purely essential and functional item usually with little appreciation of looks and aesthetics. A new staircase can be much more than merely functional it can also be more distinctive, more attractive, one that pleases your eye every time you pass by.

Equally our modern style spiral stairs take so little space from an existing room and look amazing too.

As with all modifications care needs to be applied to this task to ensure the stairs are strong enough for purpose, they are securely anchored to sturdy mount points and the stairs themselves solidly constructed to take years and years of toil. Properly installed stairs will protect the people that use them.

There are so many different materials to construct stairs from and so many angles, slopes, bends, curves and finished surfaces that I could not hope to display them here. We can install standard designs or bespoke designs. There are many thousands of ideas to be gleaned from the internet. GGA are the experienced joiners that will install the transformation for you.

Plentiful and beautiful finishes and touches that can be applied to transform a utility staircase into a focal attraction.

Turning a staircase into a central feature point is not difficult, it is merely limited by imagination

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Stairways: functional essentials or attractive central elements?

. . .Why not both?